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        Do you suffer from Eczema or Psoriasis? You may have just found your solution...

What started out some years ago as a simple desire to make a good Oatmeal Soap ended up as much more. I worked on a recipe until I had one I was very happy with, and then started selling it and giving it to a few friends with skin problems since it was the only soap I made that was unscented. A lot of people loved it just because it felt so good to use and made their skin so soft afterwards.

Before long, two friends told me it was clearing up their Psoriasis! I thought "Wow, I wonder if I have something here....will it work on Eczema too? and will it work on everyone?...."

This was during the year 2000. At that time my daughter was 3 years old and had really bad Eczema on her legs that would bleed from her itching so much. It would flare up the worst whenever her asthma would act up, but she really had it on the front of her legs all the time. We had tried all kinds of creams and lotions and prescriptions, but they only helped, she always got it right back, and it never really cleared up completely. Plus I didn't feel all that great about putting steroid creme and who knows what else on my baby girl!

So I tried using my soap on her. It didn't work immediately. In fact, at first I thought it wasn't going to work and gave up after only a couple of days. But we tried again quite some time later (when I came to my senses and realized that I really hadn't given it a chance....my own soap...imagine!) and learned that it needed to be used each and every time she was bathed. And after about a week of consistent use, it completely cleared up!

We then discovered later that it works best when used ONLY in the shower, not the bath. There was a period of time when we could only shower her (my husband was doing some major work in the bathroom and we couldn't use the bathtub). Well, once the work was finished, she wanted to take a bath again. She took only baths for about a week or two and her Eczema began to come back! After I put 2 and 2 together, I gave her just showers (with the oatmeal soap of course!) and it cleared up within a few days.

There have also been a few times when her legs started to get a little dry between showerings, but they went right back to nice, soft (yes SOFT) skin, right after bathing with the oatmeal soap again. It is now the soap she uses the most frequently and it keeps the Eczema COMPLETELY under control without the use of creams and prescriptions! We don't even need lotion.

There is a 2 year old child (Julia) in Florida whose mother (Lisa) was in a desperate search for something for Julia's Eczema. She has had it all over most of her body since birth. Lisa found my site and ordered the oatmeal soap and Julia now has soft skin for the first time ever! Read her testimonial

Also, my husband gave a bar to someone at work who has had Eczema since she was a child. She told him a couple of weeks later that she was amazed at how well it cleared up! She also told him that she definitely wanted to buy more. Then, just recently she told my husband that she is going to bring a bar to show her doctor and tell him about how well it did!
Read Ms. Murray's testimonial

I gave a bar to a friend of mine who I've known since grade school. She has had Eczema since childhood. It flares up on her arms whenever she uses dish soap. It cleared hers up too! She says that "first it dried up and then just cleared right up", and that "it was really strange how it worked"
Read Lisa's testimonial

I've sold and given this soap to many more people who all have said that it has dramatically improved their skin problems. In fact, it has worked on every person so far (except for three, that I know of) who has tried it for either Eczema, Dermatitis, or even just plain ol' dry skin! And it has either cleared up or at least dramatically improved every case of Psoriasis except for one that I know of.

I really can't take credit for this soap, it just happened. And I believe that since all good things come from our Lord God, He had to have made it happen, because clearing up serious skin problems was certainly not in my plan when I began experimenting with making this recipe! There was simply a desire to make a good, natural oatmeal soap with no scent. So I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to make this!

I have no background in science, am certainly no doctor, don't know the scientific reasons behind why it is working on these particular skin problems, or if it will work for everyone. But I think it's wonderful and hope that it will work for you too!

Now that I can no longer sell this soap, I'm teaching a friend how to make it. When she is ready she will sell it online and I will put the information for that on here. In the meantime, you can make this soap if you'd like by following my instructions and recipes. Listed are many of the recipes for soaps I've made in the past.

Have fun!

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